Have Yourself A Craftie Christmas

It’s the final countdown to the most wonderful time of the year… and I don’t know about you, but I’m falling into the category of the last minute shopper/crafter this year. After being a poorly bear, my Christmas planning went a little out of the window. Thankfully there wonderful Conscious Crafties gang have you covered. Here’s our last minute gift guide for some weekend shopping!

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1. The first item comes from yours truly! Christmas Date With a Book is still on offer for Fiver Friday over the weekend. Date with a book is ideal for bibliophiles. A mystery vintage novel, hot drink, bookmark and optional upgrades of more handcrafted items such as crocheted coasters or Christmas decorations.

2. Next up is a beautiful print from the talented Faye! This beautiful personalised unicorn print is only £4.95 with free first class postage. So beautiful and a wonderful present for unicorn lovers!


3. If you’re on the look out for cute stocking fillers, Mic’s got you covered. She has a selection of beautiful hand engraved keyrings and jewellery ranging from £5 upwards.

4. The next item is also from my Conscious Crafties shop. I have two beautiful handmade pendants for sale for £5 each with free shipping! One is orchid themed and the second is rose themed.

5. Continuing with the jewellery theme, Lisa has some totally beautiful wire work beaded bracelets and beaded bag and phone charms. There are so many different designs, colours and themes. Totally beautiful for between £3.50 and £4.50.

6. On sale in my store is my fundraising artwork for the wonderful Project Parent. The A4 wall art is £5 with P&P. Your £5 will be donated to the incredible Parent Parent. Lots of different styles in stock.

7. For ultimate cuteness factor, you can still decorate your christmas tree with Kelly’s adorable little pug baubles. They are just £4 and can be personalised in time for Christmas.

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8. Last but not least are Lynne’s beautiful products. She has some truly wonderful Christmas fayre including wish bracelets, angel decorations and remembrance snowflakes. Lynne is so talented!


If you support Crafties, you are not only supporting a small business but you are also supporting someone with a chronic illness or a carer. What a wonderful way of spreading some incredible Christmas cheer.

Happy shopping and wishing you such a wonderful Christmas.


Day 30: Bring It All Together

Somehow, it’s the end of the month and my #SelfCareSeptember journey is coming to an end! ec3ba90e42153fd91bd7ca3b14399517I hope you’ve found some of my posts interesting and that you can take away at least a few ideas to help improve your own self care.

I’ve definitely found thinking about self care for a little time each day really helpful, it’s helped me to realise that it’s ok to make myself a priority for a little of my busy routine… the world won’t end and I will actually feel a little better for it.

I’ve used distress tolerance boxes in the past (something I will blog about at a later date), and I wonder if it could work to make a self care box or bag. Fill it with all of the things you need to complete a little self care, or flash cards reminding prompting you with different ideas… I image it being a little like a lucky dip on lovely ideas to help improve your wellbeing.

Here’s a summary of the month’s blog posts. Thanks so much for reading my blog and not getting too bored of me waffling on about self care! Now to think of a new project!

  1. Day 1: Be Still (Mindfulness and meditation)
  2. Day 2: Healthy Routines
  3. Day 3: Gratitude
  4. Day 4: Radical Self Love
  5. Day 5: Random Acts of Kindness
  6. Day 6: Happy and Safe Places
  7. Day 7: Take a Break
  8. Day 8: Let Go of Your Inner Critic
  9. Day 9: Get Active
  10. Day 10: Warning Signs
  11. Day 11: Love
  12. Day 12: Sleep and Rest
  13. Day 13: Put Yourself First
  14. Day 14: Soothe Your Soul
  15. Day 15: Know Your Limits
  16. Day 16: Colouring
  17. Day 17: Important People
  18. Day 18: Be Yourself
  19. Day 19: Face Your Fears
  20. Day 20: Ride The Storm
  21. Day 21: Live Without Regrets
  22. Day 22: Notice The Little Things
  23. Day 23: Technology Breaks
  24. Day 24: Let Out Emotions
  25. Day 25: Silver Linings
  26. Day 26: Accept and Seek Help
  27. Day 27: Work Towards Goals
  28. Day 28: Expand Your Mind
  29. Day 29: Self Compassion
  30. Day 30: Self Care Bags

Sun catcher tutorial

IMG_0428_2I love arts and crafts! Whether it’s sewing, knitting, doing something in my art journal of trying out new ideas from Pinterest; I’m a bit addicted! I love to give new things a try and my most recent bit of experimental crafting was making sun catchers.

When I was an inpatient, I had planned to make them with Emma who was one of my good friends on Naomi. We never go round to doing it and the pony beads had been in my craft drawer for a number of months. So this week I decided to get them out, find a good tutorial to follow and give it a go. I looked on Pinterest for a while but found that Feel’s Like Home’s instructions were the best! They were so easy to follow and I felt confident I would be able to make something without killing myself with toxic plastic fumes or rendering my baking tins unusable.

I ordered my pony beads from eBay, I opted for a mixture of colours but went for all translucent beads with a few clear glittery ones in there too. I thought that the light would shine through the more translucent beads better.

Making the sun catchers was super easy: 

  1. Preheat the oven to 200c
  2. Spread the beads out in a single layer across the bottom of your cake tins. I used a cupcake tin which worked well and gave me lots of little sun catchers that I will put together to a super sun catcher when I’ve charged the drill!
  3. You can make pretty patterns with the beads, I tried out a few and they worked well
  4. Pop the tray in the oven for 20-30 mins, I managed to hold my nerve for 25 but was worried about the smell of melting plastic/potential for death fumes, so took them out after that. Make sure you keep you kitchen really well ventilated, I had all of the doors and windows open to try and get rid of any melting plastic fumes.
  5. Take the trays out and allow them to cool, the sun catchers then just pop out. I wasn’t convinced it would work and was all ready to have to chuck out my lovely tins… but out they came without leaving a mark on the tin! Woop!
  6. The next step will be to attached strings to them and put them together in a pretty fashion, but our drill has no battery so I will add on the results after I have charged it.

It’s really easy and I’m so happy with the results!