IMG_3676When was the last time you took a moment to think about doing something just for you? How often do you truly put your wellbeing first and take steps to improve it each day? After spending a few lovely weeks being thoroughly spoilt by time with my friends, I had a realisation that I’d ben neglecting some of the mundane self care routines that really improve my mood and general wellbeing. So throughout September I went on a bit of a Self Care drive and #SelfCareSeptember was created.

Self care is an interesting topic to look at as it covers a real multitude of different activities but essentially means looking after yourself in a healthy way. It can include normal routines like brushing your teeth, exercising and eating healthily as well as doing what’s important to you as an occupational being (my old OT would love me for that!). So it can be about rest and relaxation, hobbies, social time or anything that has an impact on your mood and wellbeing.

The internet is filled with a huge range of self care ideas, so my month of challenges just scraped the surface of what’s out there to try. Here’s a list of all of the ideas I covered over the month.

  1. Day 1: Be Still (Mindfulness and meditation)
  2. Day 2: Healthy Routines
  3. Day 3: Gratitude
  4. Day 4: Radical Self Love
  5. Day 5: Random Acts of Kindness
  6. Day 6: Happy and Safe Places
  7. Day 7: Take a Break
  8. Day 8: Let Go of Your Inner Critic
  9. Day 9: Get Active
  10. Day 10: Warning Signs
  11. Day 11: Love
  12. Day 12: Sleep and Rest
  13. Day 13: Put Yourself First
  14. Day 14: Soothe Your Soul
  15. Day 15: Know Your Limits
  16. Day 16: Colouring
  17. Day 17: Important People
  18. Day 18: Be Yourself
  19. Day 19: Face Your Fears
  20. Day 20: Ride The Storm
  21. Day 21: Live Without Regrets
  22. Day 22: Notice The Little Things
  23. Day 23: Technology Breaks
  24. Day 24: Let Out Emotions
  25. Day 25: Silver Linings
  26. Day 26: Accept and Seek Help
  27. Day 27: Work Towards Goals
  28. Day 28: Expand Your Mind
  29. Day 29: Self Compassion
  30. Day 30: Self Care Bags

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