Project Parent Book Swap

William Alexander (1)

It’s been a very long time since I wrote a blog, and I’ve had the most perfect opportunity to talk about something really exciting I’m involved in. I’ve recently started volunteering for Project Parent, an amazing organisation that makes up gift boxes for parents of children who are in hospital over Christmas. 

I’ve been wanting to get back into volunteering for a while now. There has definitely been a bit of a fundraising gap in my life that I’ve been wanting to fill. During Uni I was heavily involved with RAG (Raising and Giving), including being one of the Uni RAG officers, throughout my time at York. It was such a fun and rewarding thing to be involved with and left me feeling really useful and like I was helping others. I’ve really missed that feeling and creative outlet. So I was delighted when I saw the opportunity to apply to be the Leeds Leader for Project Parent.

Project parent was founded by the incredible and inspirational Kate Stanforth in 2013. The first year involved making up gift boxes for parents of children in hospital over Christmas at the RVI Newcastle, but has since expanded to other hospitals across the UK.

Over the festive period, there is lots of festive fun arranged for the children who are in hospital; whether it’s a visit from Santa or gifts, there are activities in place to help them feel the Christmas spirit. However, there is often nothing arranged for their parents. Project Parent means that parents can have something of their own on Christmas morning, and the boxes are geared to offer them comfort and support.

I’m so excited to be part of the project and am buzzing with enthusiasm to get started on my fundraising. I am working towards a goal of £500 and I’ve already got a couple of things lined up!

The first is the Project Parent Book Swap. It’s a great fundraiser that everyone can take part in. Whether you are ill or well, you can take part in this book swap from the comfort of your own home, helping to share the joy of reading and help others to feel less isolated.

I am arranging a book swap, run in a similar style to a ‘secret santa’,  but in the summer! I am hoping that lots of people will want to get involved and swap a book with someone else in the UK, whilst donating £2 to Project Parent. You can spend around £5-7.50 on your book, or you can pick one of your own favourites to send (you can rehome an old book if you want!) and then post it directly to your match. I’m really excited about this event and everyone is welcome to take part!

If you want to be involved please fill in this form and donate your £2 by Wednesday 20th September to take part in this event. You can pay your £2 by clicking on the Donate Now button on our Facebook page or using Paypal Please select ‘friends + family’ so we don’t get charged. If you do not have paypal, please get in touch for bank details.

You will receive you match by Friday 22nd September and we ask you to send your book by the end of September. Everyone who enters the swap will be entered into a draw to win a #datewithabook, which I am donating from my Etsy shop.


If books aren’t your cup of tea, then I am also selling some one of a kind art canvasses on Etsy and £5 from the sale of each one will go to my fundraising total.

Any additional donations would be gratefully received! Drop me a message if you would like to know more about anything in this blog!



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