As we all grieve

This week, the world feels so very sad. With the loss of Alan Rickman, the world mourns the passing of another British icon; someone we’ve grown up with and been influenced by. The sadness I’m feeling right now feels deeper, the public outpour of emotions reminding me of my own feelings of loss and that the world can be such an unfair place. Cancer is horrendous and to see people lose thier lives to it reminds me of my own experiences with of losing someone to cancer in my close family. I’m reminded of other loses, especially those that have happened in the last year. It’s really hard.
There is something about being able to mourn as a collective, for people who have been important in your life but you don’t necessarily know directly, that is really powerful. I think we live in a society where showing are sadness is still so, almost, taboo; that being able to be sad with everyone else gives a sense of relief maybe. There is no judgement, mostly, and it’s ok to say… Oh that feels a difficult and brings up emotion for me. 

With my feelings of sadness comes even stronger feelings of gratitude and love for the people that matter so much in my life to me. It’s times like these when I want to hug them a little tighter and make sure they know I’m thinking about them and want to make sure they are ok. I recognize that the emotions I’m feeling right now are most likely being felt by them too and it makes me want to check on them and send them my love even more than usual. 

Whilst you grieve for the loss of influential people, remember to take a moment to check in with yourself and think about your own experiences. Speak to those around you who might be feeling emotions that have been brought up about other events and people who are missing in their lives. And most of all, look after yourself; appreciate all you have to be thankful for and hold on to it tight. 
Lots of love xx

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2 thoughts on “As we all grieve

  1. Good quote there. The burden of knowing of our own mortality is heavy, and made apparent when we lose someone, family or icon, before “their time” (an atrocious concept in itself lol).


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