Disappointment Is Weird

Today we got some marks back for one of our modules from last term. I’d worked really hard and I was hopeful that I’d done ok. Looking at my mark left me feeling… Disappointed. I’d done fine. The grade wasn’t bad. But I had hoped for more. I sometimes see my brain divided as two parts; there’s the rational, lovely Kate part of me but then there’s another bit which represents the self critical, unkind and unhelpful part. Now, that side, ever-so-slightly ‘crazy’ Kate is a basic bitch. 

Looking at my grade, I was left to ruminate on it for a while. It was good but I had hoped for more and in a way felt I had worked hard enough to deserve a little more. The irrational thought processes started and I quickly went from ok to a mini existential crisis of sorts. What did this number mean in terms of my ability as a student? Perhaps I came back too soon? Perhaps I’m not cut out for Uni at all?! And I can’t even write so why do I bother?!

It wasn’t a long lasting crisis, luckily I had a lecture to go to, process, distract a little and rationalize. Of course it was an overreaction, but for the right reasons… I care and want to do well for myself as well as others. When I came back to it with a clearer head and practiced some of my CBT skills (checking it out, rationalizing, asking myself the alternatives and wondering what other people might say) it all seemed a lot more positive. I’d done alright and that’s what matters.

Crazy Kate is back in her box where her basic bitchiness should be! 


2 thoughts on “Disappointment Is Weird

  1. I bet your mark was fabulous but remember (and I need to do this too) that there is much more to life than grades- what matters is that you tried your best! That is all we can do- so keep trying as hard as you can and stand proud knowing you couldn’t have worked any harder my lovely, lots of love xxxxxx


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