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I had a really fantastic named nurse when I was in inpatient treatment. I met him on my first day… well night; he was working the night shift and woke me up to take my obs. I was a bit sleepy and overwhelmed by the whole process and for a moment was wondering why a giant was waking me up in the middle of the night (he’s really tall). Anyway… he turned out to be the best named nurse I could have hoped for and he really helped me with my recovery journey.

Around a time when was fairly convinced that this recovery malarkey wasn’t for me, he suggested we thought about my values and how they were impacted by my current eating disordered, hospitalised, ill situation. I came up with ideas about the type of person I wanted to be and my writing was mentioned. Before I had become really unwell, writing was a real passion. By the time I went into hospital, however, I was convinced that I was a terrible writer and that no-one would ever want to read anything I had created. Plus I had no concentration or energy to spend any time putting something together, and if I managed it was rarely very reader friendly. So anyway… my named nurse and I spent a lot of time thinking about getting back into writing. At the same time, the wonderful hospital Quaker Chaplain was also encouraging me following my offer of help with the hospital newsletter. Gradually, with lots of amazing support, I came up with a graded plan to get back into writing… with tiny baby steps along the way to challenge my fears and inner demons.

A few months down the line and I’m so happy I persevered with my graded plan, and those supporting me didn’t give up on me. My writing has become such an important part of my recovery journey and I enjoy it so much. I hope I’ve been able to help others along the way too.

I guess the moral of this story is that you will succeed if you work at something long enough and it really is possible to overcome perfectionist fears. It’s also ok to not believe any of that for a while, as long as you don’t completely give up or lose hope.


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