Flooding in York

Watching the news and it feels like the end of the festive season has come with a bit of a crash to those affected by flooding. I have great empathy for those who are suffering the aftermath of horrible amounts of water. When we were on holiday in France one year, we returned from a day out to a burst water pipe. A house full of clean water was horrible enough. But it was rectified and we were given somewhere else to stay. But it gave me more of an idea of the damage water in the wrong place can do.

Watching the news becomes even more poignant when the areas at risk and those affected are where you live. I’ve suddenly found myself feeling a very long way from York, watching helplessly as the river floods and our house is right on the edge of a red severe flooding warning. I found myself trying to work out what might be at risk in my room, which is on the ground floor, and seeing if it would be feasible to go to York to move things when it may not happen.

For now I sit and wait to see if anything comes from the warnings for our area but at the same time watch the devastating flooding spreading through roads and streets that I know so well and regularly frequent. It’s horrible to just watch something happening with seemingly little to be done to help the situation. 

It reminds me to be grateful that the most important things around me are my family and friends who are all safe. It’s also made me think I really ought to be enough of a grown up to have insurance by now. 

Thinking of everyone who has been affected by flooding. Please all stay safe and don’t make any risky decisions. I really hope the water stops rising soon. 
Click here for up to date flood warnings.


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