I’m deeply saddened by the recent events in Paris. I’m sad that there is such tragedy and terror in the world and I hate seeing unnecessary loss of life. 

However the hope I take from this situation is that we are all struck by how awful and terrible it is. Thankfully we haven’t reached a point where acts of terror and atrocity are routine and we’re desensitised to it. We are still struck  by how unnecessary this kind of violence is. 

I am so thankful that there is humanity, kindness and the possibility for peace in the world. Right now, we have an opportunity to react in a responsible and appropriate way. This is the act of a specific group of people… Not a Nation or religion as a whole.

I am grateful to live in a safe environment where I am generally not at great risk. I do not have to fear for my life daily and I hope to stay in a society where that is the case. 


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