The Doom Ebbs Away

I feel like yesterday’s blog was perhaps a little too doomy and didn’t necessarily get across the main point I was trying to make haha! So here’s an update…

The thing about a that kind of panic, is that if you ride the horrid wave of sensations and emotions… eventually the feeling comes back down again. It’s rubbish, and for me often leaves me feeling a little frustrated and embarrassed… but I’m ok! I had a think about what happened to leave me in a vulnerable place and I think I had a few bits that were on my radar and my body just reacted to my work load… despite me feeling on top of it!

I saw my supervisor today, who is wise and supportive and fab! She said that your view on your workload can change throughout the week depending on how you’re feeling at that precise moment in time. I think I tend to agree!

I also think it’s ok to talk about this kind of thing! I had a moment of stress but I’m doing ok, it’s not a massive worry and it’s part of living alongside anxiety! I don’t know… I think I just wanted to add a little more positivity maybe… but then it’s ok to not feel positive too! Haha!


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