We’re All Products Of The World

  In one of my lectures last week, we were given a really interesting talk by a fellow student who talked a little about conflict and dilemmas. It felt so relevant to me and really left me thinking about the different roles I have in my life and how they can overlap and contrast but generally cohabit together fairly well!

As a Sociologist and Social Psychologist, I have a strong belief in the world being a constructed phenomena in which we exist! We are products of cultural norms, our upbringing, experiences and society around us. We are shaped by all the different elements of the world we soak up and not only that, but we all react to those influences in our own way which can also be determined by those experiences… Mean no two people are the same. It becomes a little frustrating when the Feminist in me wants to find the agency loophole and demand that actually as a feminist and independent individual… I soaked up what I chose to, not what everyone else was telling me. Already there’s a clashing of two ideas.

Then there’s the part of me that loves yoga and spirituality on the one hand but also wrestles with ideas of faith and religion. More ideas, norms and influences to add into the pot. Then I go to work, in the world of CYP mental health and oh wow, do I get to experience even more that opens my eyes and challenges my beliefs and understandings of the world each day. 

I find myself feeling like a sponge, constantly evolving as a person… But I think I’ve come to the realisation that it’s ok to be made up of warring ideas that find a sort of balance within me, it’s ok to keep evolving as a person and deal with what life teaches me as I go along. I suppose it’s like the ultimate test of my perfectionist qualities, the good enough principle for my entire self! 


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