Day 29: Find Your Inner Compassion

75ea7e3c784125831fd3fe2a76e15a61Through your #SelfCareSeptember journey, there have been lots of different self care techniques and ideas to try but self compassion is really important, without it you can fall into a trap of not really truly caring for yourself. I found this interesting quote and felt it was very apt talking about self compassion. Self criticism can become an almost socially accepted form of self defeating behaviour… the antidote is self compassion.

I found an infographic with some interesting scientific benefits of self compassion, some of my favourites are:

  • Self compassion can be a source of empowerment, learning and inner strength
  • When you start to show yourself some self compassion, you can begin to see failures as learning opportunities rather than a sign of defeat which can make you more productive
  • Self compassion will maintain peace of mind, when you remain calm in the face of failure, you can improve your wellbeing and be more successful
  • Self compassion leads to less stress

When I was an inpatient, we looked at Compassionate Mind Training in our CBT group. It was a really eye opening area to work on, despite being really challenging and we worked through exercises to help us to recognise our own compassion towards others and begin to think about how we could use some of those skills for ourselves.

How can you start to be a little more self compassionate? 

  1. Write down the self critical thoughts that come into your head and think about them in terms of what you would say to a friend, perhaps you could start to think about alternatives and whether any of your internal monologue is actually helping you or not
  2. Write yourself a letter- imagine you are writing to a friend and think about how you could be more compassionate towards yourself
  3. Practice some mindfulness and think about compassion you have shown to others

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