Day 26: Let People Help

c26f11ef91567bd88fc2666982ba24adNow, in case you didn’t know… people are social beings! We’re not made to function on our own, isolated from others, we’re meant to be around others of our own kind!

Mental health can be really isolating and it can be a real time to test some of your friendships, I’ve found that it really has been the strongest friendships that have survived. The reality is that even when it feels like you’re completely alone… there will be a support network there for you, if you can just allow people in and let them support and help you. It sounds easy enough but, of course, it can seem incredibly challenging if you are fighting your own mind or difficulties.

It might feel to hard to talk to people, but there are other methods of communication. Write down what’s going on, send a text or an email, or just be with someone else as the company might be just what you need to get the ball rolling and get some support.

For #SelfCareSeptember, perhaps you could think about your support network, maybe write it out and save the piece of paper somewhere safe for a difficult day. Reach out and don’t be afraid to ask for help!


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