Day 25: Look For The Silver Lining

It’s the final countdown to the end of #SelfCareSeptember and I’m thinking about silver linings for day 25! Not long ago I read ‘The Silver Lining’s Playbook’… It’s about a young man called Pat People’s who had just finished an admission to a psychiatric hospital. Ever the optimist, he is determined to find the silver linings in bad situations in his life.  At the start of the book, you don’t know much about Pat’s life or his mental illness but as the book continues you get to know him and the reasons for his positive drive. There’s a lot of secrecy and uncertainty that surrounds Pat which gets even more complicated when he befriends the equally odd Tiffany. It’s a really good read and I recommend it!

The link to #SelfCareSeptember is the silver linings. Sometimes a little positivity can be really beneficial to your wellbeing. We can get really hung up on everything that’s going wrong and miss the things that are going well… or even ok if ‘well’ seems like a bit of a stretch. Looking for something ‘good’ can help when life is feeling a little negative. When I was in hospital, as part of our CBT skills group, we were all tasked to have a ‘positive’ or a ‘negative’ day. Those you had the positive day had to look for and record the positives whereas those on a negative day needed to do the opposite for the day… the results were probably as you might have imagined. Those who had a positive day really did have a generally better day than those doing the opposite. It was interesting when we were all feeding back to each other as there was even a difference in the way we all presented our days… positive people were much more animated and lively.

Maybe have a go at your own positive day and see if you notice a difference!


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