Day 23: Take Technology Breaks

I’m definitely guilty for spending way too much time attached to a technological gadget. I’m normally within arms reach of at lease one device and I there’s not a huge amount of time between checking various social media platforms. That being send I’m notoriously bad at replying to people and staying in contact. 

The reality is, we’re glued to our devices for a huge amount of time and perhaps we should think about ourselves and for #SelfCareSeptember think about having a break away from the screens. 

I’ve recently taken back up cycling. I was determined to get my bike serviced and back on the road when I got back to York to save money on petrol etc and it’s been lovely to take some time out to have a bikeride without being ‘with’ my phone. There’s a huge amount f peace and less of a pressure to be any particular version of myself I feel I need to be. 

I really recommend a tech break! Start out small and build it up and I’m sure you will soon seen the difference and benefits of it! 


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