Day 22: Notice The Little Things

IMG_4212I am really privileged to work with children and young people every week. Not a week goes by when I’m not astounded and inspired (and of course occasionally a little frustrated!) by the young people I get to spend my working hours with. They are full of exciting enthusiasm and new perspectives on things that I really take for granted. I moderate and host two live forums each week, a kind of live moderated chat discussion and recently (probably inspired a little by my personal blogging topic) we have been looking at self care and distress tolerance techniques.

It took a while for you young people to understand the idea of self soothe, they really weren’t keen on spending time to look after themselves without needing any reason to. But eventually we got there and they became almost enthusiastic about the idea! One of my favourites had a fab explanation as the penny dropped and he excitedly said… ‘so it’s about noticing and appreciating the little things in life’, it seemed so simple but he really had a point. We had been talking about using your senses to feel good, for example having a nice bubble bath with lots of smellies, sitting outside and listening to the birds or looking at beautiful pictures. He was right, they were all the little things that we often take for granted, that make us feel better.

Apparently, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. So why not have a go at the challenge I set our young people a couple of weeks ago and try to find a few minutes each day to appreciate the little things in life and do things that make you feel good, if you can do it each day for about a month… you’re more likely to be able to carry it on and improve your wellbeing so why not start during#SelfCareSeptember?


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