Day 19: Face Fears Daily

I’ve blogged about fear before. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes, fear can be an annoying worry niggling in the back of your head or a huge roadblock preventing you from doing the very thing you want to do. The thing about fear is that it has relatively little stamina… it often relies heavily on evolutionary mechanisms such a the fight or flight response that just can’t last forever, despite how it might feel like they may. Therefore you can ride the wave of fear or tackle it gradually and strategically until you break it down. Fear often doesn’t have an huge amount of logic or reason… but it can be tackled with both of those things.

I’ve faced up to a rather irrational fear this week and I think you should try do something that’s scaring you for#SelfCareSeptember. I had been swimming regularly but my body image woes got in the way and every time I wanted to go, a knot of apprehension built up inside me and each time I found a reason not to go along. I knew in my heart of hearts that I needed to challenge my demons and make myself go to the pool and this weekend I managed… twice! The thing about my fear is that, I’ve proven it to be invalid and have been able to have a lovely swim and aquafit session as a result of being brave. Perhaps start with the little fears and work up to the most scary ones!


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