Day 18: Don’t Dream It Be It

I was introduced to the Rocky Horror show a couple of years ago, arriving rather late at the party but soon making up for lost time and becoming a real fan. I had a wonderful evening seeing the live streaming of the 40th Anniversary show from the Playhouse Theatre in London. The atmosphere was amazing, the heckling hilarious and all in all I had an amazing night!

For those who have never seen the show or the film… the story is about a newly engaged couple called Brad and Janet who have a flat tyre on their car and seek refuge in a creepy looking castle… of course the castle is inhabited by a Transylvanian bisexual transvestite mad scientist who is keen to show them is new human creation (Rocky)… chaos and time-warping ensue and at time the plot seems completely insane!

This years anniversary show (featuring Steven Fry, Emma Bunton, David Badella and for the first time in 20 years Richard O’Brien… among others!) was in aid of Amnesty and there were strong messages throughout the evening about the importance of freedom of expression… including a powerful video of the Scissor Sister’s Ana Matronic (who I’ve loved for a long time!) about sexuality and freedom to be whoever you want to be.

It seemed apt for me to think about being who you truly are as part of#SelfCareSeptember. Be fiercely yourself as you’re the only one of you there is. We all deserve to live free from prejudice and fear to be ourselves… so perhaps we could take a leaf out of Frank-N-Furter and don’t dream it be it and try to be who we truly are.


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