Day 15: Know Your Limits!

af7e2462bcd543d3718f29c592e428d8Well, perhaps my plan to blog daily for #SelfCareSeptember was a little ambitious! I’ve had a really busy few days and blogging fell a little to the wayside! I was having a really lovely time and I’m trying not to be self critical for not keeping up to date. And guess what… it means I’m going to be catching up today with a few ideas for you!

It’s interesting, in such a ‘everything happens for a reason’ kind of way, that my pants ability to keep up with my blog has really highlighted an important Self Care tip and that is the importance of knowing your limits. We all have limits… from the limit to which we can tolerate uncertainty or niggling annoyances in life to the limits of our own capability… limits come in all shapes and sizes. There are limits that need to be treated with respect and others that are designed to be pushed or challenged.

In a world where we’re all continuously encouraged to push ourselves to keep achieving; it can be easy to fall into a trap where nothing is ever really good enough. It can be hard to work to your limitations and pushing yourself can make you unwell or stressed, when you needn’t be!

Now is as good a time as any to have a think about your limits and work out if there are some you could challenge a little more or whether there are some you’re pushing too much. Know those limits and work within them.


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