Day 16: Colour Something Adult

aaab132b251393fafce819d7b59fa0afAdult colouring is massively popular at the moment. I tend to giggle when anyone mentions it as I’m sure it should refer to some kind of porn-colouring hybrid… Apparently this does exist… I may or may not have looked it up on Amazon with Lizzie… Nevertheless I think there’s a real therapeutic side to spending some time, finding your inner child and doing some colouring in. Is it worth such a big hype at the moment? I would argue yes… mostly!

Colouring needed a feature in #SelfCareSeptember as it’s something I’m a big fan of. It’s an easy way to get into a mindful mood and zone out of life’s stresses and worries. It’s satisfying but it can be a little frustrating if the picture is too intricate… it can feel a little like you’re not really achieving anything very fast!

There are some really stunning colouring books available, some with a rather high price tag attached to them. Is colouring worth such a high price? Well… that’s where I’m less sure. There are plenty of colouring pages free on Pinterest and other sites… and as it’s a really competitive market… you can find more budget free pages. I recommend trying it out, a spot of colouring can be brilliant as a distraction of self soothing activity.


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