Day 6: Spend time in places that make you happy

IMG_3966I have to blame my Mum for my love of the sea! I’ve grown up seeing her happiness and bliss being on the beach and it really has rubbed off on me. There aren’t many other places I feel as at ease and calm as when I’m pottering along the shoreline having a paddle and looking for pretty shells or stones (of course ending up bring half a dozen back with me each time). For my 6th day of #SelfCareSeptember, I wanted to suggest that everyone thinks about a place that makes them feel truly at peace and happy and try and make a plan to go there!


Of course, you may not be able to get there in person due to work commitments or something else important. So perhaps take a moment to visit there in spirit, take a look through a photo album or some pictures in Pinterest, maybe even print out a picture or two or pop one as your computer background… whatever you do, try and take some time to practice a little mindfulness and picture what it would be like to be in a place that makes you happy.


I’ll be heading off to sleep tonight feeling sleepy and a little sunkissed but above all blissfully happy and content after a wonderful day with friends!


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