Day 5: Random Acts of Kindness

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Last week, disaster struck! I took my washing out of the machine and had the horrible realisation that my watch must have been in a pocket of something that I had put into the wash, I took it out and my watch was in three pieces! I was distraught as my watch was carefully chosen to remind me of my Nannie’s watch a few years ago. It was still ticking so I hoped it would be able to be repaired.

I braved a trip into town today to collect plates that me and my lovely friend Sarah had painted last week. It was busy and I wasn’t a fan of the crowds and being pushed around. I popped into Bradleys The Jewellers and to my absolute delight they were able to fix my watch and they did it for free. It was a wonderful little act of kindness that really improved a somewhat grey day. I was so grateful to the lovely people at Bradleys… plus I got to look at all of their beautiful jewellery whilst I waited the few Picfxminutes it took to fix.

I’ve noticed a few other random acts of kindness over the past week or so… from kind words on the Instagram photos of people who are struggling, to my friend Gerry having two guys in a mini bus pull up alongside her and give her smiles and waves (obviously because she’s lovely!)… I even returned a lost labrador to his owners the other day too.

Do these little acts of kindness have any impact? Well… I think they do! I wanted to include them in #SelfCareSeptember because I think being kind to others can improve your wellbeing and breed happiness and more kindness… and hey, who doesn’t love that?! The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (yes it’s a real organisation and how I so want to work for them!!) work to inspire RAK’s in school, communities and the workplace. They share all sorts of ideas, stories, resources… you name it. It’s amazing and I think reading their website improved my general wellbeing for starters! The best bit is that they also collect and carry out research to demonstrate that being kind can make a real difference to wellbeing and health in individuals who practice it and receive it.

I’m inspired to do something kind and will be completing a goal that’s been in the back of my mind for a couple of months. I came across another really lovely project called More Love Letters, it’s a completely heart warming idea. People can nominate friends, family… anyone, who they want to receive some love letters. They then receive letter bundles from caring strangers all over the world and with the power of love, their day is brightened. It’s just such a fab project and I’ve been meaning to get involved but life has got in the way. Over the weekend, I will be sending a love letter as my own random (less random as it’s kind of organised, but I think it still counts) act of kindness.

So… over the next week, why not try and squeeze into your schedules a moment to complete a random act of kindness? There are lots of ideas on the RAK Foundation website and you can do anything from a tiny act to something a bit more monumental.


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