Day 3: Find something to be thankful for

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 20.07.17It can be really difficult to have sense of perspective or external awareness on life if you are feeling low or you’re battling with your mental health, heck it can be a challenge when you’re just contending with work, studying or life in general. It’s so easy to get really stuck on your failings, how bad you’re feeling or all of the little details with inadvertently keep you really stuck and trapped. If you’re feeling bad physically or emotionally it’s so easy to end up in this trap and the prospect of it ever being any different can be unimaginable.

For my third day of #SelfCareSeptember I’m revisiting an idea I blogged about a few months ago and reminding myself of the benefit of gratitude!

I was introduced to gratitude diaries when I was in hospital. Historically, gratitude diaries or ‘counting your blessings’ (as research by Emmons & McCullough described them)Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 20.07.34 have been linked to increased optimism and hope. I’ve definitely found taking some time to think  about the things I am grateful for really helps to refocus me and get my drive back!

Taking some time to think about things that you are grateful for can also help you if you’re struggling with illness or mental health problems. Part of my recovery journey has involved thinking about my body in a different way rather than clouded by my eating disorder. I am lucky to have a working body that can do some pretty awesome things… so that can help me keep on track.

I think it has been really helpful to be able to refer back to my list on days where I feel a bit low and hopeless and like everything feels really difficult, these are the things I already have that are amazing and can’t be taken away from me. It’s such an empowering thing to do and once you get started you really can get carried away with all of the different things you have to be thankful for.

Perhaps you could have a go at thinking about things you’re grateful for too as part of #SelfCareSeptember.

P.s… today’s pictures are my own from my relapse prevention… check me out being brave and sharing something I’ve made!!


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