Day 2: it’s all about the routine


Welcome to day two of #SelfCareSeptember, today’s self care tip is one that is very close to my heart… Routines!

There are few things I love more than a good to-do list… Ok that makes me sound really boring but I get a great sense of security from having an idea of how my day, week, month or even my year (definitely read that in tune to the Friends theme). Being able to break things down into bite sized chunks can make even the most daunting task feel really achievable. When I was an inpatient, the program was broken down into ‘Pathways to recovery’ that made the recovery journey seem achievable and it was really rewarding to be able to tick off the different stages and progress towards discharge, granted it was somewhat frustrating when your view of where you should progress differed to what the MDT felt was appropriate at that time (being ‘demoted’ to bedrest instead of moving up to the pathway I wanted springs to mind!).

Of course, being able to show some flexibility with routines is also a beneficial skill to practice and learn to manage.  It can be difficult when routines become unbreakable and at this point they can cause more stress than benefit!

My top tips for the best routines

  • Start with small changes, you won’t be able to create a perfect routine from the outset, so be prepared for some trial and error
  • Try and be as flexible as possible- it’s ok to change a routine!
  • Planning helps routines so get yourself a diary or a notebook and start getting organised
  • My headteacher in secondary school gave me a brilliant to-do list tip… add into the list one or two things that you’ve already done/almost finished, that way you have something to tick off immediately which helps boost productivity and mood!

What routines do you find most helpful for your wellbeing? Let me know by tagging and tweeting #SelfCareSeptember.


4 thoughts on “Day 2: it’s all about the routine

  1. For me change is difficult, so I try to get things in place before a change happens, for instance I start Uni later this month so have been in touch with the department so I could find out the most likely timetable, this will mean I can start practicing getting up early enough and even arrange other activities and manage my time more effectively.


  2. Yes, I love routine, change has a big impact on me which is rather annoying but routines help with this. I will be starting Uni later this month meaning being in a a newish city, lots of new people and places. To help me get going with all this a little easier I have contacted my department and have been told a provisional time table, meaning I can start to prepare by getting into the routine of getting up and ready to leave the house for when the term begins.
    It also means I can pencil in some activities outside of this time.


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