IMG_3676When was the last time you took a moment to think about doing something just for you? I’m on a bit of a self care crusade over the next month and I’m really excited about it!

Over the last week I’ve been spoilt with lovely outings and time spent with friends. My friends are such an amazing support network and just being with them always lifts my mood and reminds me of the good things about life and everything I am grateful for. I had such a lovely time but it made me realise that I’ve probably been missing out a little on some of my self care routines that make me feel good.

This is where my idea for #SelfCareSeptember came about! I’m going to have a think over the next month about lots of different self care ideas and I wanted to share them with you! According to the NHS self care is looking after yourself in a healthy way- so it can be simple things such as caring for your body through daily routines like teeth brushing or getting in come exercise but it can also be things that are important to you as a person like spending time with friends or having hobbies.

So, if you fancy it, join me in #SelfCareSeptember by sharing something you like to do over the course of the month, trying an idea I share or by joining in with the conversation on Twitter or Instagram using my #SelfCareSeptember tag or comment on my blogs!


27 thoughts on “#SelfCareSeptember

  1. […] Apparently, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. So why not have a go at the challenge I set our young people a couple of weeks ago and try to find a few minutes each day to appreciate the little things in life and do things that make you feel good, if you can do it each day for about a month… you’re more likely to be able to carry it on and improve your wellbeing so why not start during#SelfCareSeptember? […]


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