Day 1: Be Still


We live in a world of constant movement. We rush from task to task, from work to home, socialising and doing things for others; but we rarely take a moment of calm to appreciate the stillness around us and take stock of where we are at in that precise moment. Rather like the waves, life is perpetually in motion and it requires real mindfulness to be able to take some ‘proper’ time out and truly be still.

My first #SelfCareSeptember idea is to find a moment of calm in your day. I tried out the fantastic Headspace app, which eases you into the practice of meditation over the course of 10 days with the free ‘Take 10’ program. I was dubious at first, knowing only too well that my attention can be flighty and my ability to focus for any length of time is often somewhat lacking! I found, with a bit of dedication… well taking 10 mins out of my day, and I was quite hooked. Meditation was surprisingly accessible and perhaps I did notice a little more calm seeping into the rest of my day.

I find nature extremely calming and I benefit from just taking a break outside and noticing the sounds and sensations around me. It really is a time to test out my mindfulness skills or stop and enjoy what I’m looking at. You don’t have to be a yogic master to manage a bit of meditation, you can just find a nice place to sit and enjoy your surroundings, maybe notice your breathing or the sensation of the sun or wind of your skin. With practice, it becomes easier and you might even find it helping you to access a little calm at other more stressful times of the day.

So my first challenge for the month is to make some time this week to sit and be still for a few moments. Why not have a try for yourself and let me know how it goes #SelfCareSeptember.


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