Top Tips For Coping With Results Day

It’s results day and hoards of young people across the country will be waiting to see if they’ve got the grades they need. Results day was so stressful but I got through it, so I wanted to share my top tips for getting through the day without losing your sanity.

  1. Try and have something to eat and drink before you go. It can be a long and emotional morning and even if you can just manage something small, it will help settle your stomach and give you the energy you need for the morning!
  2. Your results are personal to you, you don’t need to show everyone or sit comparing and scrutinising them with your peers. It’s ok to take a moment to sit and look at them privately or collect them and go home, make sure you speak to a teacher if you have any concerns or problems with them.
  3. If you haven’t quite got the grades you need for your Uni place, ring the admissions tutors. They very often accept a slightly lower grade so it’s worth getting in touch with them and asking.
  4. Have a think about your plan B if you’ve not go the grades you needed, there are lots of options through clearing or you can take a gap year and reapply. There will be alternative routes and your teachers will be the best placed to know what to do.
  5. Have a plan for the day, maybe a little celebration or commiseration activity. There’s nothing worse than not getting the grades you wanted and then dwelling on it all day so try and plan something to distract you afterwards.
  6. Your grades don’t reflect on you as a person, just on your ability to learn and be examined on that particular topic at that time!
  7. Try and enjoy it! You’ve worked hard to get to this point and done the best you can so celebrate!

Good luck lovely people ❤️


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