Sex, Drugs and WTF’s Review

I really love my job, working with young people is challenging, inspiring and pretty varied and it really keeps me busy and wanting to be at the top of my game. This week I hosted a live chat about self esteem and assertiveness. It was a tricky one as the young people I was working with had such a negative view of themselves and it was hard to get them to recognise or even hear anything positive about themselves. They were so used to negativity around them that it was a completely alien subject for them. At one point, one of the young people asked me how I managed to stay so ‘happy and positive’ all of the time. Obviously my level of disclosure with the young people I work with is fairly minimal, but it definitely made me smile thinking of everything that’s happened with me and my levels of positivity this year!!

It’s pretty awesome timing that this week the ‘Charlie’s angels of mental health’ (Self-Esteem Team) released their book ‘The Self-Esteem Team’s Guide to Sex, Drugs and WTFs?!!‘. I’ve blogged about the awesome SET and their Switch on the Light campaign before so obviously being a Tash Devon and SET super fan, I had their debut guide on pre-order and was keen to get into it on Friday morning! Was it worth the wait, of course!

Grace, Tash and Nadia have a way of talking about life that is so down to earth and grounded, the book tackles so pretty heavy issues in such a sensitive but also no frills kind of way. The fact that all three have ‘really’ been through the issues talked about in the book gives you a real sense of hope and encouragement that the difficulties you might be facing are 1) part of life so you’re not the only one struggling with them 2) understandably difficult and crap but 3) won’t last forever. It’s advice that you want to believe and take. The book is a nice mixture of facts, emotional stuff, practical knowledge and experience; it’s a mixture that really works.

I recommend you have a read… my only complaint is that I’d like it as a hardback so it doesn’t get damaged from all my leafing through! It’s great to have some SET wisdom coming out of the classroom!

Go forth and be educated!!


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