Review: The Shock of the Fall

This review contains some spoilers so beware! 

I read The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer in about a week as a result of my reading speed finally picking up coupled with such an fantastic book.

Loosely the plot surrounds a young man called Matthew who’s brother dies early on in the book (it says so in the blurb so I feel ok about mentioning it without ruining the story). The book the goes on to gradual reveal what happened and how Matthew was involved whilst tackling serious mental illness in a really respectful and fairly non-scandalous way which I found quite refreshing.

Elements of the book were so relatable, mainly the descriptions of psychiatric inpatient treatment and the complexities of managing mental health problems and the real world.

I think the story also tackled berevement well and really demonstrated the complexity of managing grief and seeking closure, something I can also relate to aswell.

Overall it was an ‘enjoyable’ read if that’s the right word that kept me captivated throughout, definitely well recommended, I was hooked after only a few pages.


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