7/7 is a day of celebration as well as remembrance

Today is my wonderful, beautiful, caring and kind sisters 22nd birthday. I am so privileged to have such a great sister and I am so happy to be celebrating her birthday today!

The 7th July 2015 marked a terrible moment in Britain’s history when four bombs were detonated in London killing 52 people and injuring and changing the lives of so many others. Today marks the 10th anniversary of 7/7 and there have been some really special tributes and memorial events that have taken place across the country to honour those who were lost and those who were affected by the attacks.

I took some time out to think of those who were killed in the 7/7 terrorist attacks today, but I’ve also spent the day celebrating Lizzie’s birthday. It’s a sad fact that each year there will be a sad memory of the terrible event that happened but 7/7 each year also marks a day to celebrate life, mainly my little sister’s. I think it’s something so important we all must do, remember those who were lost, but also a celebrate of all of the people who survived, and how lucky we all are to be alive. I will always hold 7/7 in my heart as a day of love and appreciation of what I have got in a world that is often troubled by sadness and hurt.


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