Where have you come from? 

The road to recovery is long and winding. Sometimes it might feel like you’re not on the road or you’ve lost sight of where the path is. I think about it in a way that we talked about pathways in the brain whilst I was on Naomi. The road to recovery is like a forest path ahead of you, you’ve been told about the destination and you may have been there before or been somewhere similar but the details are a little foggy. Other people who’ve been there are telling you how great it is but the path to get there is quite a challenge. 

So you’re heading to this slightly unknown place along a path that you’ve got directions for but they’re not the best and sometimes the landmarks aren’t quite right or you have to stop and take a breath or you even go the wrong way and have to retrace your steps. It’s a hard way to go but occasionally, I urge you pause for a moment and look at the path behind you and see how far you’ve come. Think about where you were yesterday, a week ago, even a month ago and spot the differences. Search out the tiny improvements you’ve made and celebrate the progress however small. 

I bet you can think of at least one thing that’s better now, and if not, perhaps ask those around you or even better, get them to write it down so you can keep your little bits of proof. 

 The photo isn’t particularly relevant but it’s the art journal page I was doing when I decided to blog tonight! 



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