The world is changing but it’s still not enough

Yesterday was a really mixed bag of news. #lovewins and gay marriage, or as I like to call it, marriage wasdownload legalised in all 50 states of America; a huge step in LGBT+ rights and marriage equality. But on the same day, a Tunisian student linked to IS extremists carried out a terror attack killing at least 38 people. Unfortunaately it’s not the only act of terror to happen in the last few weeks, I dread watching the news to see what’s going to happen next. It’s upsetting that in one area we can be celebrating inclusivity and equality and yet elsewhere there are unspeakable things happening because of differences in views, beliefs, alliances… you name it.

I worry about the state of the world. I realise that these kind of things will always happen, hatred will always find a way to get between groups of people and awful tragedies will happen. I just wish there was a way to live more peacefully and be more accepting of others. I realise there’s little I can do on a global scale, but it makes me think about my own actions and try and find ways to show more kindness and especially forgiveness to others. I think there is a huge power in forgiveness and perhaps as a race, we could show a little more to others; maybe following the brave families of the Charleston shooting victims who showed such admirable forgiveness routed in their faith.


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