Sun catcher tutorial

IMG_0428_2I love arts and crafts! Whether it’s sewing, knitting, doing something in my art journal of trying out new ideas from Pinterest; I’m a bit addicted! I love to give new things a try and my most recent bit of experimental crafting was making sun catchers.

When I was an inpatient, I had planned to make them with Emma who was one of my good friends on Naomi. We never go round to doing it and the pony beads had been in my craft drawer for a number of months. So this week I decided to get them out, find a good tutorial to follow and give it a go. I looked on Pinterest for a while but found that Feel’s Like Home’s instructions were the best! They were so easy to follow and I felt confident I would be able to make something without killing myself with toxic plastic fumes or rendering my baking tins unusable.

I ordered my pony beads from eBay, I opted for a mixture of colours but went for all translucent beads with a few clear glittery ones in there too. I thought that the light would shine through the more translucent beads better.

Making the sun catchers was super easy: 

  1. Preheat the oven to 200c
  2. Spread the beads out in a single layer across the bottom of your cake tins. I used a cupcake tin which worked well and gave me lots of little sun catchers that I will put together to a super sun catcher when I’ve charged the drill!
  3. You can make pretty patterns with the beads, I tried out a few and they worked well
  4. Pop the tray in the oven for 20-30 mins, I managed to hold my nerve for 25 but was worried about the smell of melting plastic/potential for death fumes, so took them out after that. Make sure you keep you kitchen really well ventilated, I had all of the doors and windows open to try and get rid of any melting plastic fumes.
  5. Take the trays out and allow them to cool, the sun catchers then just pop out. I wasn’t convinced it would work and was all ready to have to chuck out my lovely tins… but out they came without leaving a mark on the tin! Woop!
  6. The next step will be to attached strings to them and put them together in a pretty fashion, but our drill has no battery so I will add on the results after I have charged it.

It’s really easy and I’m so happy with the results!



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