Here’s why I’ve spent the day throwing stuff out…

I’ve had some amazing blog requests which I will get started on tomorrow. Please click on the contact me box to the right hand side if you’re got any suggestions for a blog topic. Anyway, as it’s only just still Thursday (I’m sure it will be Friday by the time I’m finished… I thought I ought to sneak in a quick blog so I’m vaguely keeping up with my promised blog a day for #MHAW2015. The reason for my lack of blog any earlier than now is that I’ve been having a major spring clean.

I have way too much stuff, something that has become apparent over the time of living away from home and then being in hospital for 9 months, my piles of stuff have accumulated and there’s definitely bits I really don’t need that could be donated to charity or sold on ebay. This part was the simple part, have I used this in the last year- if not in the charity bag, simple!

Then came the tricky part, the clothes. Now, having been unwell for a number of years and having lost weight, restored weight and repeat; I have clothes in a range of sizes for different stages of illness. Now, some of these clothes are definitely not clothes that I can wear if I am well or healthy, some of them are absolutely relapse clothes. It was a difficult decision to make to get rid of them all, I wanted to but I only part committed, throwing out the worst ones but not fully wanting to accept the fact that if I am going to continue with my stab at recovered life, there are just some items I won’t be wearing again.

Today I made that commitment to get rid of any of the clothes I own that aren’t the right size for me. I’m going to give the less sellable ones to charity and put the rest on ebay, the proceeds will be spent on clothes that fit me and my recovered life. I don’t think you can properly continue with recovery with the ghosts of illness past in your wardrobe so I urge anyone who has any pre-recovery clothes to work to get rid of them, then you won’t be facing a trigger and temptation everyday.


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