The Tories got in…. so what can you do other than moan about it

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 12 hours, you will have heard that the Tories have won a majority of seats in the general election and David Cameron will remain a Prime Minister. Miliband has resigned, as has Clegg and Farage; and certainly on my Facebook and Twitter timelines, a lot of people aren’t happy with the result. The first past the post system has a lot to answer for and arguably the results aren’t the most representative of the country’s political allegiance however what’s done is done so perhaps we could move on from bitching and moaning and work out how we can make the government really act on behalf of the people of the country.

You still have the power to make change by lobbying you’re local MP by writing to them, contacting them via social media, meeting them or by inviting them to get involved with your campaigns. We do not have to passively sit and watch whilst the Conservatives take over the country, we have the power to instigate change, just via a different MP to the one we had hoped for.

I also want to celebrate that we have elected 1/3 more women in parliament in this general election. I’m pretty proud to see an increase in the number of female politicians we have!


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