I don’t think this kind of indifference is ok

It was dubbed the fight of the century, a must see, yet I was left feeling really mixed about the idea of supporting/viewing an event that featured a winner whose past contains a series of domestic violence accusations and convictions. The fight saw a battle to two highly commended sportsman, but I found it hard to focus on the quality of the two boxers when there was something obviously wrong with the fight, well obvious to me, that Mayweather’s violence hasn’t been restricted to the boxing ring. According to CNN, Mayweather has had at least seven assaults against women that resulted in arrest or charges in addition to numerous other occasions where the police were called but no charges were pressed. Unfortunately, in my opinion, today a serial abuser was rewarded for his violence because it was unleashed in an appropriate way.

It’s really difficult because arguably Mayweather has ‘paid’ for what he did, in part, by serving prison sentences, paying fines and doing community service; yet it still feels wrong that this seemingly clears the slate for him. I believe that individuals should be given a second chance and the opportunity to be rehabilitated after commiting a crime, yet it feels like Floyd Mayweather has done less than would be required to have the crimes he has committed swept under the carpet. It doesn’t sit well for me, especially as he is someone who is paid to use the fists that he has repeatedly used to beat women with. I will not be joining in with the collective indifference to Mayweather’s past, I will not be joining in the celebrations for his win,  I will be thinking of the women he assaulted and not have anything to do with a sport that will happily turn a blind eye to a violent nature outside of the ring.

I realise this is a more contraversial blog post than usual, these views are my own and I respect that others may feel differently and are entitled to different opinions. 


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