Now I’d really appreciate it if we could all take a moment to talk about someting else

I read an interesting article today about ‘All about that bass’ which highlighted the absurdity of selling positive body image and promoting girls with curves but thin-shaming in the process making the message of every woman being beautiful defunct if they don’t have the curves that men are seeking. It’s frustrating as it feels like once again the message is wrong and a certain group of women are getting written off as imperfect yet again.

All body shaming needs to stop but perhaps we need to move away from this topic for a while? The body image debate is becoming a bit of a mud slinging match where essentially any-body isn’t good enough for another subsection of the population. I would really appreciate it if we could all stop for a moment, take a look at what’s important here and perhaps talk about something else?

Perhaps we could have a think about the minds of the people who own those bodies and discuss who we should vote for in the General Election 2015 who will prioritise Mental Health provisions, or how the UK can help in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake which has killed over 2000 people or about the issues of deadly migrant routes across the Mediterranean. We need to get back to having a bit of perspective and working on what we can do to make things better. Perhaps people would be able to have better self-esteem and a better body image if they could just get on with having a body rather than needed to discuss it all of the time. Let’s get back to celebrating everything incredible we can do with our bodies and learn to love them for that.

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