Just keep swimming

I think I’ve been looking for a eureka moment in recovery when I wake up one day and think… ‘jolly good, that’s me recovered now’. I think, coming into an inpatient program, set me off thinking that I would defeat my eating disorder and be rid of it before I left. The scary reality is that I will be leaving this program with my eating disorder, it’s not going to be completely squished as I hoped it would. The difference is that I am a lot more resilient now and able to manage it in a way that is compatible with real life. I have friends and acquaintances who say they are ‘fully recovered’ and I really do believe them. I suppose it really feels like this journey isn’t going to be one that I reach the end of any time in the near future but one that’s more of a slow burn… chipping away at my eating disorder and continuing to shift the balance to the recovered life I want step by step, bite by bite. 

It’s so weird even contemplating a life without an eating disorder and a life out of hospital, where I’ve been for the last 7 months. It’s weird to imagine having stretches of free time to fill and manage and enjoy! I have a realistic view that life won’t be completely perfect and there will be times that are more challenging but hopefully the work I’ve done will keep me on the straight and narrow and on the right road to recovery. 
I also wanted to say hi to my lovely new followers! Please let me know if there are any blog topics you’d like me to talk about! 


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