Girl overheard

I went for a swim this afternoon and whilst getting changed I heard a mother and daughter having a conversation. A sibling had stated that the (I presume) youngest needed to learn to float better in order to not have to swim with the aid of arm bands, which she seemed keen to be rid of. Initially it seemed like a fairly inane conversation until the little girl responded. She replied, saying ‘My bum’s too big for me to float, do I need to lose weight Mummy?’. It really saddened me that a child, so young, was questioning if she needed to lose weight. It made me feel really sad that she had obviously heard conversations about weight that had led her to mimic what she had heard. Arguably, she probably didn’t realise what she was saying, but it still made me sad that she had thought of it.

As usual, the timing of my little bit of ear-wigging came soon after I had seen this article from The Huffington Post.

Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul- Sarah Koppelkam

The basic premise of her video is that body-talk isn’t really necessary and that the focus should be on what you can do with your body rather than how it should and shouldn’t look. As I’ve ranted about in previous blogs, there is such a focus on fat-shaming, thin-shaming… you name it, discussions about bodies that really aren’t necessary and can do so much damage to young people.

Rant of the day.


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