International Happiness Day and a call to arms!

A picture of ‘The Retreat Grounds’ I took recently that makes me happy
Happy International Happiness Day

Yesterday was International Happiness Day, a day created by the UN to help people to remember the importance of happiness and wellbeing as ‘universal goals in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives’- UN 2012. I find it interesting to think of happiness and wellbeing being linked on such a large institutional scale, something that I think is vitally important but often missed.

I also wanted to test the water from some guest bloggers or interviews for my blog or even requested content or topics. My blog has gone over the 3800 views mark but I’m keen to drum up some more followers and interest in what I’m writing. I’d like to throw the option out there for some suggestions of where you’d like me to go next and also ask anyone who would be interested, if they could share my blog or drop me a quick follow as I’d love to get a bit more visible and hopefully get to 4000 views and a lot more followers by the end of April! So please drop me a comment if you’d be interested in getting involved. I’m also thinking of adding an ask button of some sort for ideas and questions! 

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