Mindfullness in the form of baking

Being mindful is a form of self awareness- something that’s a real popular buzz word in the mental health field at the moment. Practicing mindfulness is seen to be really beneficial for positive wellbeing and there are many ways to do it.

I found a pretty mindful activity in the form of baking with my other half Beth yesterday. Have a look at her blog for the recipe and baking wisdom. I am currently writing this with the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house!!

So we made some bread. Well…. Beth did some proper baking… she made an 8 stranded plait with mozzarella, pesto and herbs in it…. it was pretty impressive. Beth is a rather talented baker to say the least. She basically did all the baking and then left me to revert to being a small child again and gave me some dough to play with/make into cute shapes and just generally have some fun with!!

Here’s what I made… the before and after pictures…

From right to left the ingredients are as follows:

1- Mustard seed roll

2- Caper roll

3- Garlic and parsley knot which has got the unfortunate appearance of a turd….

4- Parmesan, garlic and parsley plait

5- Should be a poppyseed pinwheel but the picture went funny and didn’t load… but it is pretty honest!

6- Herby roll with mustard seeds, basil, parsley, mixed herbs, garlic and poppy seeds

7- A baked Stitch!

So… the process of baking involves patience and time. The bread requires a lot of kneading, especially if you’re trying to put stuff into it e.g. herbs e.t.c. Also if you want to make an interesting shape like a plait or a knot then you need to have the patience to keep rolling the dough out as it’s really springy and likes to go back to the original shape if it gets the chance.

So… clearly I am lacking in artistic and baking skills. However back to the original point I was making…. this is a really good activity for mindfulness.

Here are the pictures of the finished products! I was rather pleased with my effort!

And from a mindful point of view, I really found the process of making the bread really great for focusing on what I was doing and being able to just clear my mind and do something that wasn’t too taxing but was a beneficial thing to be doing.

Beth and I then spent the next part of the afternoon doing some papier mache… who says we’re grown up hey?!

A lovely relaxing a industrious day well spent I feel.

Loves xxxx


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