Tomorrow I shall be more like my labrador

I’ve become a little too addicted to Buzzfeed at the moment. I’m not ashamed to say it… it’s a fact. I just love all the interesting and useless facts and funny things that exist in the world and come together on the magical site that is Buzzfeed.

The other day… whilst browsing something along the lines of ‘cute animals that are fluffy’… or something along those lines… I found this gem!

As I read the caption alongside the picture of this adorable labrador (I’m not biased much of course….) I melted at the cuteness of it! I thought about my own labs… pictures below… (Meg doesn’t look this cute anymore…. but for everyone’s positive wellbeing I felt it imperative to share her cute puppiness with the world!)  

Meg and Bert demonstrate this beautifully. Especially Bertie who hates the car. He looks at you before jumping into the boot with a sad look that clearly asks if he really has to get in the car. Despite his obvious worry and the fact that once in the car he practically melts into the floor of the boot until the journey is over, Bertie places all of his trust in us and still gets into the car. He trusts that we will keep him safe and take him somewhere nice, on a little adventure. 

As I was reading this and thinking about my own dogs; I started to think about how this would be a benefit in life. How actually taking the labrador approach and just looking at the world in it’s simplest form without all the complications might actually be beneficial for us and our own positive wellbeing. If I think about myself… something which I am not all that comfortable doing… I realise I spend a huge amount of my time overthinking absolutely everything and anything I can. It’s something that often leads to a huge amount of anxiety and above all a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!!!! If I lived more in the style of Meg and Bert and just accepted things happening as they come and think about the positive outcome at the end rather than any discomfort and yuck along the way… then perhaps I’d feel better overall. 
Therefore my goal is to be more like Meg and Bert… fingers crossed this won’t extend to sniffing butts and peeing outside… perhaps that would be a little too far to go! 

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