Appearances can be deceiving

I was inspired to write something this evening after reading my wonderful friend Anna’s blog. Anna has already featured in my blog recently… but hey she’s so freaking awesome that she might as well have another mention! Anna blogs about mental health in a really brutally beautifully honest way. I think it’s really reflective of how we should all talk about mental health issues. There’s way too much stigma and avoidance about talking about it and as these issues can affect 1 in 4 people…. that’s a BIG reason we should be shouting about it and making sure everyone knows. 
Anna’s recent blog post chatted about the misconceptions of mental health. I came across this Marilyn Monroe quote recently and thought the two fit together beautifully. There always seems to be a certain element of surprise when people ‘come clean’ about having a mental health issue. Even I HATE that turn of phrase… but I’m using it to kind of reinforce and demonstrate my point. There’s a feeling of ‘wow… but you don’t seem mad’ or just a lack of realisation that people who struggle with mental health can totally look like normal people… Shock horror I know!!! I realise it’s rather unbelievable that all people with a mental health problem don’t wear a sign or a badge that says ‘hey, I’m cray!!’ but they don’t… and often a huge part of the problem is hiding the fact there’s a problem!!! 
So today I want to chat about a wonderful project called Time to Change  one of their current campaigns is called ‘Talk about mental illness: we dare you’. I personally suffer from some mental health problems… not quite ready to completely talk about them out in the open… but I’m getting there and I think it’s massively positive to do so. So yeah…. let’s all talk mental health and move away from some of these crappy preconceptions and misconceptions. 
Loves xx 


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