My friends are pretty wonderful!

I wanted to write something quickly to acknowledge the amazing things a couple of my friends are doing right now! It has to be a quick post as I should be working haha! I’m not saying that all my friends aren’t wonderful but I wanted to mention Gerry and Jazz today.

Today Gerry is walking 13km in aid of a really lovely charity that’s fairly new in charity terms!
Associação Livro Aberto is an organisation that provides books and literacy training to children in Mozambique. It’s a really lovely idea that by teaching these children to read, they can then go on to change their own lives and the lives of their families. 

Jazz, my other fabulous friend, comes across as being one of the strongest most determined people I know! She’s walking 10 miles in aid of the Children’s Chronic Arthritis Association. Now for Jazz 10 miles is a lot as she has arthritis herself. Jazz is a bit of a hero for me… not that I tell her as I don’t want to inflate her ego too much!! She doesn’t complain about her arthritis and just gets on with life in such an awesome and determined way. For her to completing this walk is going to take a lot of strength and energy and I think she’s being totally amazing doing it. She deserves tons of sponsorship!!! 

So yeah… my friends are pretty damn fabulous! xx


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