Better sleep

So tonight is just going to be a really quick post. I feel the need to blog but don’t have the energy for a long one! This week I have realised the importance of sleep. Arguably I have the ability to go rather nutty without it. So I’m going to try hard to get myself into a bit more of a good sleeping routine. I’ve had a read of the national sleep foundation website and they have some pretty useful information about sleep hygiene.. something which sounds a bit random! Sleep hygiene is what’s needed for you to have good sleep. Simple enough! I thought I would share some of their tips about ways to get better sleep. My aim is to adopt these to try and improve my own sleep quality!

  • Avoid stimulants during the day… now as I don’t drink caffeine this should be easy enough.
  • Avoid napping in the day- again this is something I rarely do… so hopefully not something I need to worry about too much! 
  • Do some vigorous exercise during the day, then something relaxing close to bed. I’m a massive fan of pre-bedtime yoga! 
  • Eat earlier on in the evening, late night meals can cause wakefullness. 
  • Sort out a good nighttime routine! This is something I need to sort out! I’m going to give myself a bedtime again… like off of when I was 5! 
  • Create a pleasant sleep environment. Now this is tricky as a student as my room often doubles as a working area. I guess avoiding the temptation to work from bed will be a good start! 
To finish, here are some pictures of some really cute sleeping animals
Night night xxx

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