Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism is a condition that I feel isn’t talk about enough. The Autism spectrum is interesting as some of the individuals who are deemed to be on it are able to function much more normally than others who are severely affected by the disorder.

The guardian have produced a gallery of photographs that were collated by individuals with the condition to help people to understand a little more about it. I thought the idea of doing this was a really amazing one. To me, the pictures demonstrated a lot of the feelings of isolation that come along with being Autistic; that sense of ‘watching the world from the inside’ but finding it hard to properly interact with it.

Guardian project

My feeling is that conditions such as Autism should be a topic for conversation, we should be talking about all of these forms of human difference and be embracing them and working them into everyday life more. The dichotomy between those who are normal and those who don’t quite fit into that idea needs to radically changed. I’m not one for polar opposites and this is an area where I think we need to do a little more to make individuals with conditions that make them slightly different to the norm more included.

Kate xx


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