Size 12 mannequins, yes please!

The news that a Swedish lingerie chain are using size 12 mannequins has sparked off more body image debates. For me however, I think there should be no debate and real looking mannequins should be the norm in shops. I think it’s empowering for people and doesn’t promote an unhealthy lifestyle. It promotes the fact that humans are all sorts of shapes and sizes and that there are all sorts of different versions of what is HOT. So YES to size 12 mannequins, I want to be seeing a lot more of these please!


One thought on “Size 12 mannequins, yes please!

  1. It's difficult for me because even though part of me tells me that these body sizes are usually unrealistic and unhealthy, another part of me wishes I had that body! That's why I hate walking through shops and seeing those stick thin mannequins, it really makes me question myself and makes my life difficult.


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