Changing the priority of mental health

The Royal College of Psychologists have published research that claims that individuals with severe mental illnesses are likely to die 15 to 20 years sooner than those who do not have these types of illness.  Because of this they are demanding that mental health takes a higher priority and is seen as equally as important to physical health conditions.

It seems fairly obvious really. The stress that severe mental health conditions can put on an individual must be shorten people’s lives. Mental health really doesn’t take enough of a priority at the moment. I also feel that mental health problems are often left untreated until they reach a point where they are deemed severe enough to receive the treatment. To me, this feels fundamentally wrong. There should be so much more of a focus on preventative care and treatment. Surely if you step in at a point where someone has just begun to suffer from a mental illness and start treatment early it would actually reduce the amount of time they would remain ‘in the system’ and ultimately prevent them reaching a level of severity where they require more intensive treatment.

I really think mental health is just not right in the NHS at the moment at all!

Link to the Telegraph article


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